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For most of my life, I’ve gone after blondes. Up to this point my two serious relationships were with them. Even though, I’m Latino and there have always been Latina hotties in my neighborhood, in my city, and in my workplace; funny how things work that way. This was until I met a sexy busty cutie named Melissa who works directly across from my company’s office.

Our first meeting was a chance encounter as we were both coming out of our doors at the same time and she had a bunch of folders she was having troubling handling. She looked majorly frustrated and started cussing, especially when she dropped the folders on the floor. I bent down to help her pick them up and her top couldn’t hide her sexy jugs that stuck out prominently through the tight black material. I couldn’t help but notice and I know that she caught me when she said, “Thanks! Get a good enough view? Freak!”

I was stunned as hell. I tried to do something out of good will but got shit on. I made a mental note that this was another hot chick who was nothing but a stuck-up bitch; too bad too. She had wavy black hair down to her back, great smile and a big ass that wiggled, jiggled and stuck out in any bottoms she wore. Of course, those big melons put the final touches on an incredible vision. But, like I said, she was just like any other.

Two days later, both of us came out simultaneously only this time she wasn’t pissed as she walked towards me. “Hey, I’m Melissa. I’m sorry about the other day. Was just one of those bad days. Thank you for helping me and for wanting to take a peek. I’m very flattered.” “Ohh, heh no worries, bad days happen, it’s cool.” “Can I take you to lunch? It’s the least I can do considering I yelled at you before.” “Yah, that’d be nice. I’m down for 1 pm.” “Great! Again, I’m sorry and I hope you won’t hold it against me” “All is cool. I’ll be fine, thanks.”

What a turnaround that was. She showed a human side and maybe she wasn’t a snotty bitch. However, only time would tell. We went to the local Chili’s for lunch which is a definite place to hang during lunch and after work for happy hour. Today, Melissa was wearing a navy blue dress that left no one wondering how big her boobs and her ass were. “You look nice today”, I stated. “Aww…that is so sweet thank you. Wow, I never thought I’d hear that after the way I treated you.”

During lunch we talked about our jobs and our companies and any interesting co-workers we had. I made an exploratory statement by asking, “What does your husband or boyfriend do?” When she said she didn’t have one, my eyes perked up as did my prick. “Wow, I can tell that that was the right answer seeing how excited you are.” “Well, you just haven’t found the right guy yet.” Melissa then countered with, “Who knows, maybe I’ve found him and he’s right in front of me.”

We both smiled at each other after that statement before heading back to work. When we got back we were no doubt the talk of both offices as we hugged. I could feel her D cups with pointy nipples pressing against my chest. I rested my hands on her hips which felt fantastic. She had her hands on my back rubbing it a little as well. I felt totally comfortable and relaxed and I know she did too. Maybe this would turn out well after all.

We didn’t see each other again till Friday at closing time. This time we met in the parking lot as our cars were conveniently parked next to each other. “Hey!” “Hey Melissa, have a good weekend!” “Wait, you wanna go to happy hour?” “Hell yah that’d kick ass” “Sweet!” I followed her to Chili’s where we had a blast. We both got to meet each other’s co-workers especially the ones we’d gossiped about already.

Today she looked ravishing as she wore a top that hung on her mid-arm area leaving her shoulders bare. Her tits were now even more pronounced as I drooled at the prospect of cupping those heavy hangers while suckling her nipples like a newborn. She was wearing matching colored bottoms and heels that rounded out a smokin’ hot package. Little by little the good times and the alcohol got to us. We were definitely more playful and hands on. I’d rest my hands on her shoulder while she’d rest hers on my leg as well as rubbing it under the table.

We were the talk of the night as people from both companies I could see were talking amongst themselves about what they were seeing. I guess we were both the same type of person; laid back and easy to get along with but not too forward and kinda shy actually. This made us the perfect match.

We got out of Chili’s about 11 pm or so; two of the last people to leave. Our co-workers were long gone but no doubt we’d be talked about on Monday as Melissa and I had our hands all over each other and even kissed each other on the cheek a couple times. There was total chemistry there, just a matter of when not if, we were gonna fuck.

When we got outside I walked her over to her car. “I had a great time tonight. The best I’ve had in a while. Thank you.” “I agree it fuckin rawked Melissa. I’m so glad to have spent it with ya.” We each went forward to hug but this one was completely different. It was deeper and more curious as my hands started at the top of her back then slowly went down and rested on the small of her back right above her ass. She started with her hands around my hips and actually rested her hands on my upper ass cheeks.

When we brought our faces close together our lips met and I immediately felt the softness of her lips. This felt so fucking good it was incredible. Even though they started up as dry kisses at first, we locked up longer than a couple seconds each time. I then got bolder and pushed my tongue through and she met it with her wet, warm tongue. My hands were now fully on her ass rubbing and grabbing those sexy cheeks. She returned the favor and grabbed my ass but then snuck her right hand and rubbed the bulge in my pants.

There were moans and groans from both of us, longing to be together with someone that we really clicked with. Even though we were in a public parking lot with not too many people looking I didn’t give a fuck as I lowered her top and uncovered a mammoth tit that I hungrily attacked. I went after her nipple and sucked hard. She hissed and gasped in delight as pure wanton lust took over and I decided to ride the wave.

I then did one better as my left hand went under her bottoms and felt how drenched her panties were. I slid them aside long enough to rub her juicy clit before plunging two fingers inside her hot and steamy pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh”, was her reaction as her body shivered from each of my assertive finger bangs. I continued to ravage her nipple as my right hand lowered the other half of her top and both mega tits were freed. I cupped and fingered her other hard pokey before she uttered, “Stop! I need to fuck you now. My place is like 5 minutes away hurry baby, hurry.”

My cock was hard enough to hammer nails as I broke the land speed record to get back to her condo. Fortunately there was one guest parking slot left and it was near her place. Things couldn’t have fallen in place any better. We went up the stairs as fast as we could and barely made it inside the door before we started seriously mackin in her living room on the floor. Hands were frantically all over each other, rubbing, tweaking, pinching, whatever happened it felt good as fuck.

She took charge and got on top of me straddling while still dressed, as she peeled off her top and her stupendous cannons were freed again. I grabbed onto them before she took my hands and pinned them back behind my head. I left them there, as she undid my belt and used her teeth to unzip me. She lowered my pants long enough to uncover my rigid rod just aching for her mouth and pussy to devour it.

She looked at me and smiled while nuzzling the tip of my cock with her nose and chin. My dick was uber sensitive and I was surprised I didn’t blast all over her gorgeous face. Without warning, she engulfed and swallowed my beef whole. She coated my shaft with copious amounts of saliva as she teased the top of it with her tongue. She was bobbing steadily and fortunately positioned herself at an angle so I had easy access to her large knockers.

I played with her major league rack while she hammered away at my dong. She throated me all the way to my balls without any hint of a gag reflex. I took down her bottoms and helped her pussy over to my face where I savagely sucked and nibbled on her pussy lips and clit. I even pointed my tongue and fucked her sweet slit tasting all the tangy juice I could. I put both my hands on her ass and even smacked her full cheeks. Each spank elicited a muffled moan so I proceeded to go harder and more consistent.

Her legs were anxiously shaking in anticipation for each slap against her ass. I began fucking her mouth as she ran her hands along my legs causing goose bumps and even stronger desire. For the first time ever, I even tongued her butthole which got her body quaking that much more. “Ohhhhh fuckkk”, filled her place as she was enjoyed her twat and tight ass being teased.

Melissa got up and I looked up at her while still on the floor. She positioned her pink right above my tool then lowered down onto me. She was wild with her strokes as she pounded my cock hard. I could hear her ass slapping against my balls while her goo was sloshing like crazy inside. She took my hands and put them on her tits before demanding, ‘GRAB HARD NOW!” I grabbed those fuckers for dear life as she showed no mercy on my peter with furious and feverish pumps and thrusts.

I could feel her sweat dripping on my face which was an immense turn on. We matched groan for groan and moan for moan as the buildup was near for immense body-slamming orgasms. The action was intense as she nailed me like it was the last fuck she’d ever have. I went from her tits to her ass and back forcing her to fuck me even harder. I could see a scowl on her face as she wanted to destroy my dick with every part of her being.

Her pussy muscles gripped my cock fiercely as we both didn’t want to let go of this abundant rapture that would unfortunately soon end. She brought her head down to mine and I grabbed it while we tongued furiously. This lasted for maybe a minute before she pushed herself back and her body exploded in one violent orgasm after another. She yelled and shouted that she was cumming as I held onto her hips and felt the force of every vigorous cum.

This triggered my sac and I reared back before unleashing wave after wave of cream covering every inch of her scorching insides. Everyone in the complex could hear every vulgarity we could throw out there. This was the gamut of cussing from two deeply satisfied beings during the ultimate climax. I pushed her hips into me as best as I could so we could make this memorable moment last as long and strong as possible.

When Melissa’s voluptuous frame ceased its constant tremors, she leaned forward and collapsed in a heap on my chest. We were both out of breath yet completely satisfied. After all these years, I finally got it right.

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